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Incredible Siphonophore Captured on Dive-Pod Cam [VIDEO]

This amazing Siphonophore was captured on video.

Ever heard of a “siphonophore?” It’s a rare and elusive creature (well, group of creatures) that’s never been recorded this closely before.

Check out this amazing video from EVNautilus.

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Here’s a quick lesson in marine life. Phylum is a division of life form that is more closely related to one another than any other group. Cnidaria (the C is silent) is a species of marine animals that have Cnidocytes – specialized cells for capturing prey. Siphonophores are an order of hydrozoa belonging to the phylum cnidaria.

Although they appear to be a single organism, siphonophorae are actually a colony of individual animals. The praya dubia is a species of siphonophore that is one of the longest animals in the world at between 130 and 160-feet in length.

Some siphonophores can emit light. They prey on small animals using stinging cells. The cells have red, twinkling ends that attract small fish and animals. Other than the scale-less dragonfish, the Siphonophore is the only aquatic animals that emits red light.

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Incredible Siphonophore Captured on Dive-Pod Cam [VIDEO]