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Incredible Self-Filmed Idaho Archery Elk Hunt [VIDEO]

Incredible Self Filmed Idaho Archery Elk Hunt

With the right equipment, it’s a pretty simple matter to film your own hunts. Watch this guy’s incredible footage from his self-filmed Idaho archery elk hunt.

These days, it’s not necessary to have lots of expensive, high tech equipment to film your own hunts. The Solvid head mounted camera system allows you to use either an action camera or a regular camcorder to record your hunts.

This hunter gives a great demonstration of how well the system can work when used properly on this archery elk hunt in Idaho.

He obviously has a very nice hunting spot and he encounters quite a few elk during the course of the hunt. Though the lead up to the shot is pretty interesting, you can skip to the 7:00 minute mark to watch the final showdown with this elk if you’re short on time.


Congratulations to this hunter on tagging a beautiful elk!

In addition to hunting big game like elk and deer, the Solvid camera mount can also be quite effective when hunting birds, like on this Oregon pheasant hunt.


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Incredible Self-Filmed Idaho Archery Elk Hunt [VIDEO]