Incredible Running Shot with a Bow Is Impressive, but Probably Not Ethical

Making kill shots with a bow is a challenge, but one on a full-sprinting deer is just absurd.

One of the more impressive shots taken on a deer this season is about to unfold before your eyes in this video. This archer lets an arrow fly on this deer in a dead sprint and drops it in its tracks.

You can tell based off his reaction, he was just as surprised as you were.

However, while it was an incredible shot and the deer expired quickly, we aren't sure this is a very ethical shot to take. I don't encourage anyone to be releasing arrows on running deer. Shooting targets standing still results in enough misplaced arrows, and a running target with a bow is just asking for bad shot placement.

It worked out in this video, but next time that likely wouldn't be the case.

Whether you consider it ethical or unethical, that was one heck of a shot.

This video brings a whole new meaning to "fast food," that's for sure.


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