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7 Incredible Photos of an Osprey Diving for Trout

You have to see these rarely captured scenes of an osprey hunting.

Wildlife photographer Bill Doherty captured amazing images of the osprey, commonly known as the fish eagle or the river hawk, after swooping down for its latest meal.

The photos, which were shot on the River Spey in the Scottish Cairngorms, vividly detail the process by which the majestic birds must retrieve their meals.

Osprey Diving

Eating a diet almost solely constructed of fish, ospreys will make similar dives throughout the day.

Osprey in River.

According to Doherty, an experienced osprey will have a roughly 25 percent success rate on dives, obtaining a fish in one out of almost every four attempts.

Osprey 4

As reported by the Daily Mail, Doherty explains that ospreys, “need to consume around 300 to 400 grams of fish per day.”

Osprey with prey.
Osprey with prey.

With wings specifically designed for getting airborne out of the water, the large bird emerges with a fresh rainbow trout.

Osprey leaving water.
Leaving the water.

The large talons make easy work of latching on to the fish.

Large talons gripping trout.
Large talons gripping trout.

According to Doherty, the birds will often rotate the fish mid flight to improve aerodynamics.

Osprey flying with trout.
Flying with trout.

All photos credited to Bill Doherty via



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7 Incredible Photos of an Osprey Diving for Trout