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Incredible Manta Ray Rescue via GoPro Cameras [VIDEO]

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When a couple finds a tangled manta ray on a scuba diving trip in the Philippines, their GoPro cameras capture something breathtaking.

Instead of letting the manta ray swim on, this good Samaritan couple gives chase to free the fish from likely a slow death.

Caught on their GoPro cameras, the gigantic manta ray gives a graceful show in return.

If there’s anything that keeps increasing in the world’s oceans, it’s litter. Plastic bottles and nylon fishing lines can persist for 450 to 600 years!

Anglers lose line. It’s bound to happen. However, this is a stark reminder of good fishing ethics. Always take your waste line with you, and if you see someone else’s line floating in the water (or tangled on a giant manta ray), be a good steward and clean it up.

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Incredible Manta Ray Rescue via GoPro Cameras [VIDEO]