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The Incredible Historical Boys Anti-Tank Rifle [VIDEO]

This .55 caliber anti-tank rifle packed a legendary recoil.

The British Boys Anti-Tank Rifle was the tank buster of it day. See what makes this big boy tick in this information-packed video.

This British anti-tank rifle is of an incredible .55 caliber. It was invented by Captain Boys in 1937 and was the British Army's anti-tank solution until it was replaced in 1943. Around 50,000 of these huge rifles were manufactured.

It fed from a five-round magazine and penetrated light armor very well during World War II. It quickly became obsolete against Germany's heavy armor but was good against light armored vehicles and Japan's smaller tanks throughout the war.

This beast of a firearm is known for a very unpleasant recoil. You could say this heavy hitter killed at the muzzle and the butt stock. Would you shoot this 39-pound beast?

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The Incredible Historical Boys Anti-Tank Rifle [VIDEO]