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Clip Captures Lynx Pack Chasing Down a Snowshoe Hare

This must-see video pits a single snowshoe hare against six hungry lynx. The chase is on!

Out of all the lynx videos on the internet, we think this one is hands-down the cream of the crop. It stunningly shows the high-speed pursuit of a lone snowshoe hare by a family of six lynx in the deep snow of Alaska.

Jason Rohwer and his son captured the unbelievably footage while out for a day of sledding. After spotting a single lynx in the trees, Rohwer turned on his camera for a chase that was about to kick in to high gear. Both animals are built for traveling across snow, but when the odds are stacked against you like they were for this hare, it's not an easy feat to escape.

Here's the pursuit video that will have you pressing replay:

The snowshoe hare is a favorite prey food for lynx. Generally, they hunt them during the night, but in this case, we're treated to a rare daytime pursuit.

"The lynx did actually get the hare," Rohwer said. "We watched them eat it for a little while, as they didn't seem to mind us being within a 20-30 feet distance. It was fun to watch them hang out while each one took a turn eating what it wanted. One of them climbed a nearby birch tree."

Chances are this is a mother and her five offspring, as the young stay as a family unit for about a year. We think they'll need a few more hares to feed this large troop, though.