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Incredible Display of Falconry and “Stunt” Flying [VIDEO]

Here’s the falconer’s version of William Tell’s feat of marksmanship.

A hawk arrows through the small space between the throats of two people.

Slow motion film heightens the amazing beauty, power and precision of birds of prey. This falconry demonstration will knock you out.

Wait for the audience participation part in the second half of the video. It is fantastic.

Topvogel is a raptor aviary in Diessen, Netherlands. The operation offers raptor-related education and workshops on falconry, as well as public demonstrations such as that shown in this video.

Everything about this video is spectacular. The location is beautiful. The owls and hawks are stunning. The slow motion film of them in flight is jaw dropping. Even the music is spot on.

And the falconer is as skilled and in synch with the raptors as anyone I’ve ever seen.

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Incredible Display of Falconry and “Stunt” Flying [VIDEO]