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Incredible Bass Catch from Four GoPro Angles [VIDEO]

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A nesting bass was caught on video using four different GoPro angles, and the result is wild to watch.

Once bass start spawning, they actively defend their beds from predators and just about anything that comes within striking distance. Including a persistent white plastic crayfish.

The footage shows the pursuit of this bed-defending bass from four GoPro angles, including an underwater view.

Looks like a blast!

The bass captured by the underwater GoPro angle is a little finicky at first, and doesn’t really commit to a bite. But even with how many times the fisherman flipped the jig to the bed, the fish defended its nest.

Bed fishing can be frustrating because you can see the fish so clearly, but not always entice it to bite long enough to net it. This video shows that with some patience and persistence, it’s possible to catch some truly nice fish.

But even if you don’t catch them, the GoPro cameras certainly help to eliminate any “fishing stories” and add some proof!

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Incredible Bass Catch from Four GoPro Angles [VIDEO]