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Increase Your Bow Draw Weight Max with Cameron Hanes

Shoot faster, further and harder by doing these exercises with UA Hunt Athlete, Cameron Hanes. They'll increase your bow draw weight max.

The offseason is here. That means you have plenty of ample time to improve your performance in the stand next season. One way to achieve this is by increasing your bow draw weight max.

How do you accomplish this? By strengthening specific muscle groups in your back. Here's a great video featuring UA Hunt Athlete, Cameron Hanes, and Beast Mode Training founder, Eric McCormack. They target core back exercises that will help you increase your bow draw weight max next season.

Get your workout clothes on. It's time to discover muscles you never knew you had.

Draw weight refers to the amount of force required to draw back your bow. Increasing your bow draw weight correlates to faster arrow speed. This produces more kinetic energy stored in your arrow. Meaning harder impacts on your target.

So be proactive this offseason. Crank those limb knobs on your bow and let those arrows fly. You're one step closer to becoming the ultimate predator!


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Increase Your Bow Draw Weight Max with Cameron Hanes