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Inattentive Pokemon Go Player Bitten By Copperhead in Texas

Texas teen wasn't paying attention when bitten by venomous snake. 

Since the popular augmented-reality smart phone video game Pokemon Go was released last week, this news was probably inevitable. Someone has been bitten by a venomous snake while playing the GPS-based game.

The Star-Telegram reports 18-year-old Lane Smith was playing the game with some friends in a park in Flower Mound when he was bitten by a copperhead. He and his friend had been trying to gather virtual items at a "Pokestop" in the game. The game uses real-world settings to distribute game items and capture cartoon monsters using the phone's camera.

Image via Facebook

Smith was, by his own admission, paying more attention to the game than his surroundings when he noticed what he first thought was a stick out of the corner of his eye. But he quickly realized it was something more serious when it bit him on the big toe. He had been wearing flip-flops at the time.

He went home was taken to Flower Mound Emergency Center by his mother. From there, he was then transferred via ambulance to Lewisville Medical Center. Luckily for Smith, he didn't need any anti-venom as doctors determined just one of the copperhead's fangs actually broke through the skin.

Image via the Star-Telegram

He also was apparently in good spirts about the whole ordeal on the ambulance ride over. "It was funny listening to him talk about how EMS guessed he was bit playing the game, and chatted with him about it," CeCe Clemons, Lewisville Medical Center spokeswoman said. "I don't think mom thought it was so funny."

The copperhead incident is one of the first news reports to come out about a Pokemon player having a negative interaction with wildlife. The worldwide phenomenon has caused a host of other bizarre problems nation-wide. In one case, the Star-Telegram notes officials have had to warn players away from helipads at two hospitals.


It's a good thing people are getting outside because of this game, but it's also a little sad how many seem totally unprepared for it. No doubt you've seen the many bizarre articles about things that have happened to people while playing this game.

In many places, officials have had to release public warnings to educate people of the dangers of being inattentive while playing the game. Let's hope incidents like this snake bite can serve as examples to others on what not to do.


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Inattentive Pokemon Go Player Bitten By Copperhead in Texas