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In Wyoming, Every Neighborhood Has an Apple Loving Deer

In something out of a Disney movie, watch this family feed their apple loving deer, a doe who comes back daily for treats. 

While it’s not necessarily the best idea to feed wild animals, lest they become dependent on you and only you for food, this family loves to get visits from their apple loving deer.

Arriving in the late afternoon to this family in Saratoga, Wyoming, this doe is so used to the family, watch what she does!

Uploaded to Rumble, Kristine Tayson wrote about this occurrence:

“The doe (aka Mama) has been coming by our house since before Christmas. We have been feeding her apples on our side of the fence and she was on our neighbors side (3-foot fence). She comes by every afternoon between 3-5 pm to get apples from us. A few days before she came up to our porch so we figured she might come to us. We all went outside (myself, my husband, Don, and Wyatt) to feed her. I thought she might come to Wyatt so I told him to back up. She jumped right over to him for apples.”

It’s awesome to see this kind animal interacting with Tayson’s children, but wild animals are just that: wild. I think we can all say we’d feed a deer if it meant that we would be close enough to pet one, but making a habit out of it can sometimes be tricky.

Regardless of the ethics behind it, this video is actually pretty adorable when you consider it.



Deer Joins Camping Spot and Just Seems to Want a Friend

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In Wyoming, Every Neighborhood Has an Apple Loving Deer