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In the Market for a Crossbow for Deer Season? Check out an Excalibur

Excalibur Crossbow

If you are looking for a crossbow for deer season you have to have a close look at the line provided by Excalibur.

A crossbow for deer season allows you to have excellent accuracy and the ability to release a bolt with a trigger while not having to hold a draw. Excalibur provides a high-quality line that is renowned for their speed and accuracy.

Excalibur is famed for their compact recurve design that places simplicity and accuracy first. There are not a lot of cams or gears that can malfunction and it is a snap to replace your one bow string. You can replace a bow string in the field without a bow press and get back to hunting. I own an Excalibur 355 and was simply amazed at its accuracy.

On a normal day of shooting the bag, I can get arrow groupings that rival any of my scoped rifles at 50 yards. The speed and power will also readily put a big whitetail or muley on the ground. The company literally has a guarantee that every bow they produce is capable of 3-inch groups or less at 25 yards with broadheads – that is a very hard-to-beat industry first.

For a look at Excalibur crossbows and more videos of their products check out their website.



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In the Market for a Crossbow for Deer Season? Check out an Excalibur