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Reduce Your Mag Reload Time with the MP2 Inserts from HSP

If you’re like me and fumble through mag reloads on occasion while training, the HSP MP2 is the answer to your butter-finger dreams.

Jokes aside, the MP2 mag inserts help expedite the mag reloading process by opening the mag pouches to their fullest potential. The magazine can jam up on the velcro portions of different magazine pouches. The MP2 assists you by keeping that mag pouch ready to seat either a new magazine or one that is already expended.

All tactical shooters are constantly reminded about gear accountability. Keep your mags on your body even if they are empty so that you can be sure you have everything you need as the mission continues.

MP2s are available on the HSP website.  These are pricey, but for those who are uncompromising on their gear selection these add-ons will greatly benefit your speed. Travis has a great background in what he describes as body mechanics and he is quick to point out inefficiencies in movement while running weapons in a firefight. Travis is a professional war fighter and USMC MARSOC experienced professional. His strategies might differ from other higher sought after professionals but the experience is absolutely clear.

The way you move while shooting and changing your magazines will likely differ also. That is where the implementation of the MP2 magazine inserts will greatly assist you. The inserts cut time mores than just open pouches. For those who have gone down harms way, they understand the importance that seconds count in a mag reload and engaging back into the fight. Stay safe and stay motivated.


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Reduce Your Mag Reload Time with the MP2 Inserts from HSP