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This is Some Seriously Impressive Coyote Hunting [VIDEO]

Two hunters call in a six pack of coyotes and shoot them all in under a minute in this video.

Calling in a few coyotes at once is no simple task. These hunters were able to call in and shoot six coyotes in just a few minutes. YouTube user 208Yacey uploaded the impressive coyote hunting video last month. No word on where it was filmed.

Coyotes are difficult animals to hunt. They are swift and hard to hit from a far. Coyote hunting requires good camoflauge, a steady hand and patience, as hunters usually have to post up on the edge of a field for a long period of time. Distance is important in coyote hunting, because the animals are dangerous predators that hunt in packs.

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Coyote hunting in populated areas can be beneficial to communities, because the vicious predators often wreak havoc on livestock and domesticated animals.

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This is Some Seriously Impressive Coyote Hunting [VIDEO]