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Impressive 2014 Oregon Archery Elk Hunt [VIDEO]

Watch as these hunters find a bear and mule deer, on their Oregon archery elk hunt. 

“Through the Lens,” starring Stephen Talbot and Tyler Talbot, documents an impressively surprising Oregon archery elk hunt.

At one point the Talbots have a bear 700 yards behind them and mule deer over the ridge, and you won’t believe what happens next.

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You never really know what lies over the next ridge, lucky for these hunters they checked it out and found six shootable elk. The Talbots had been to this spot many times before only to leave empty handed, but this Oregon archery elk hunt ended differently.

They provided a nice perspective of the beautiful Oregon Rockies and a great view of the kill shot. A hunter couldn’t ask for a more successful archery elk hunt.

Bring a camera with you next time you’re out for an archery elk hunt, and share the beauty of the hunt with others.

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Impressive 2014 Oregon Archery Elk Hunt [VIDEO]