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Important Tips to Becoming a Pro Bass Angler from Ron Colby

Becoming a pro bass angler can be summarized in two words: hard work.

Pro bass angler, Ron Colby, gives us a seat in his boat and shares some insider tips on how to up your game to the big leagues. He is worth lending an ear when it comes to the subject having qualified for the Bassmaster Classic and winning two B.A.S.S. Western Divisionals by working his way up the ladder.

Those are great tips from a pro bass angler who knows his stuff. The key seems to be hard work and gradually moving your way up the circuit ladder from local small purse tournaments up to the big leagues. Another key point, like all business ventures, is making those key contacts and networking. Building those relationships with veterans at the local events will lead to regional, and regional can get you to national level tournaments.

The outdoors industry provides a lot of opportunities to live your dream job but from my experience, the guides I hired and the pros I know, like anything else in life, got where they are through hard work. I imagine the same applies to make your dream your profession.

Keep your eyes here for tips from a pro on how to get sponsors if you want to work your way up and professionalize your game.



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Important Tips to Becoming a Pro Bass Angler from Ron Colby