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Why is It Important to Know a Bullet’s Speed? [VIDEO]

Does a bullet’s speed really affect accuracy? Yes it does. 

A bullet’s speed can make all the difference in the ways of both accuracy and grouping.

Watch as Jessie Duff and “Top Shot” Season 4 Champion Chis Cheng illustrate the importance of knowing a bullet’s speed.


Since the ballistic pendulum was replaced by the chronograph in the early 1800s, shooters have been using the updated technology to accurately determine a bullet’s speed. This system features two screens, and when a bullet passes through the two screens, optic sensors determine the time it takes for the bullet to pass through one screen to the next. This device gives a very accurate measurement of a bullet’s speed.

What does this information mean to the marksmen? A bullet’s speed is directly affected by drop, the curve of a bullet’s path resulting from Earth’s gravitational pull. Less speed means more pull and a necessity to aim above the desired target. A bullet’s speed also affects grouping. Depending on the weapon, a bullet’s speed can make a grouping either small or large.

You heard the lady, get out there and discover how bullet speed affects your accuracy and grouping.

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Why is It Important to Know a Bullet’s Speed? [VIDEO]