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The Impact of Sportfishing in the US [INFOGRAPHIC]

The impact of sportfishing in America is more positive than you may realize.

We, as a country, love to fish. We participate in high and growing numbers, and do it in all corners of America.

As an example, more Americans fish than play golf and tennis combined. The money generated through gear and license sales helps promote the economy, and the jobs created in the industry help as well. The impact recreational fishing has on the country is diverse and expanding. took an in-depth look at that impact and shared it in infographic form, and we felt it was information you needed to know.

Click on the image for a larger, scalable version.



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These facts and figures are eye-opening to say the least. What's most incredible is that, if fishing were a business, it would rank #51 in the Fortune 500 List. That's pretty impressive.

What did you take away from this information? How does recreational fishing impact yourself and your hometown in a positive way?

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The Impact of Sportfishing in the US [INFOGRAPHIC]