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Illinois State Record Flathead Catfish Has Been Caught [VIDEO]

Facebook/Big Red's Bait and Tackle

This is one big record flathead catfish no matter what state you are in. 

In breaking news found on Big Red’s Bait and Tackle’s Facebook page, a new state record flathead catfish has been caught weighing in at an incredible 81.7 pounds.

Jim Klauzer is the lucky angler who can now claim the title. What’s even luckier is that a lot of the action was caught on tape.

Facebook/Big Red’s Bait and Tackle

The official results have not come through but footage, posted by The Chicago Sun-Times, shows the weigh-in on certified scales confirming this flathead is in fact the new record.

Big Red’s shared on their page that the state record flathead catfish was caught on a rockbass after legally being caught from Sangchris Lake State Recreation Area. As long as a fish is caught legally, and within the daily bag limit for that species, it can then be used as bait.

The previous state record flathead was 78 pounds even. The Klauzer fish will easily eclipse that record once officially recognized.

What makes this record even more amazing is the fact that Klauzer let it go. Big Reds shared a video posted by Bill Parfitt, which shows the beast of a catfish swimming off to get even bigger.

Congratulations to Jim Klauzer from all of us at Wide Open Spaces. Hopefully one day you will catch one even bigger!

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Illinois State Record Flathead Catfish Has Been Caught [VIDEO]