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Illinois Releases Proposed Rules for New Bobcat Hunting Season

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Bobcat hunting in the land of Lincoln will be quite cheap due to the new proposed rules.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has released its proposed rules for the state's new bobcat hunting season.

The new season, which was established earlier this year, marks the first time hunters can pursue bobcats in the Land of Lincoln in over 40 years.

Pursuing bobcats will be fairly cheap for Illinois hunters as a permit for hunting and trapping will cost just $5. The bobcat season limit is just one animal per person.

For successful hunters, an additional $5 permit for registration is required. A federal tag is then required to be attached to the pelt before the successful hunter does anything with it.

The new law making bobcat hunting legal again went into effect January 1, but you'll have to wait until November to try your luck. There are specific dates for both trapping and hunting of the large cats. For trapping, the season is split into two separate zones. The north zone will be able to trap from November 5 to January 20. The southern zone dates are close, but slightly different, from November 10 to January 25.

As for the regular hunting season, the plan is for it to run from November 5 to January 31. There are closures planned for deer season, but those dates weren't specified in the DNR's press release.

While it hasn't been announced when the permits will go on sale, interested hunters and trappers would do best not to wait. The DNR is planning to issue them on a first-come basis.

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Illinois Releases Proposed Rules for New Bobcat Hunting Season