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From the Weird Dept: Illinois Hunter Takes 30-Point Antlered Doe [VIDEO]

Yes, you read that correctly.

Back in December of 2011, Illinois hunter Richard Lomas shot the 30-point whitetail pictured above on a farm near Olney, Ill. While it might look like a non-typical buck, it’s actually an antlered doe.

Lomas didn’t realize that he had shot a doe until he got close to the deer and saw that it was missing, shall we say, the necessary hardware.

Apparently, the doe did not have any fawns with her, and it showed no signs of having given birth at any time. It’s estimated to have been 4 1/2 years old.

“I would say that’s the biggest, baddest doe ever taken in Illinois,” trophy whitetail measurer Tim Walmsley told Heartland Outdoors

Most hunters dream of taking a non-typical buck with points sticking out in every direction. But taking a doe with a monster 30-point rack…well, that’s a thought that likely never crosses a hunter’s mind.

This video from North American Whitetail has more details about this truly bizarre story.

Antlered does are very rare. In a 2013 Augusta Chronicle article, wildlife biologist Charlier Killmaster explained the rare natural phenomenon.

“Does are actually capable of growing antlers in the presence of testosterone,” Killmaster said. “It’s a remnant of evolution. It’s an infrequent anomaly. I usually hear about one or two a year, out of about 400,000 deer killed annually, so it isn’t very many.”

It’s certainly the first time we’ve ever seen anything like this.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen while deer hunting?

Featured image credit: Edwards County Times Advocate

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From the Weird Dept: Illinois Hunter Takes 30-Point Antlered Doe [VIDEO]