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Illinois Hunter Sues DNR Over Big Game Slingbow [VIDEO]

An Illinois hunter says his big game slingbow is a capable deer hunting weapon, but the DNR disagrees.

Slingbows are modified slingshots that can shoot with force comparable to powerful compound bows.

The small weapons are gradually gaining popularity among big game hunters. One such hunter is Illinois resident John, “Chief A.J.”, Huffer, who makes and sells sling bows that can shoot 28-inch arrows.

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Huffer wants to sell his sling bows to Illinois deer and turkey hunters, but the state DNR won’t let him.

According to the Herald Review, the DNR told Huffer that his device doesn’t generate enough velocity to be considered a humane big game hunting weapon. They said it’s only suitable for fish and smaller game animals.

The 76-year-old hunter and former tribal chief is suing the DNR for $5 million, claiming that he’s being forced to meet regulatory standards that other bow makers don’t have to worry about. Huffer claims he has the engineering reports to prove his weapon is a humane weapon for big game hunting.

He’s also claiming racial discrimination over his Cherokee and Menominee ancestry.

In this video, Huffer shows off his sling bow, and describes how he used to it kill an Alaskan bear and a moose in Utah.

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If you have any doubts about Huffer’s ability to take down big game, consider his shooting accomplishments. According to, the former marine holds a world record for shooting more than 40,000 2-12 inch wood blocks tossed into the air, over eight, 14-hour days, without missing a shot.

His shooting skills have been featured on a National Geographic television program, and he’s even had a special-edition Daisy BB gun named after him.

Huffer is no stranger to legal battles, either. He’s a former tribal judge who has met with two U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

And, the man knows how to attract media attention. Huffer said he plans to wear a coat made from the fur of a huge grizzly bear he shot in Alaska using his sling bow to court.

Do you think Huffer and other hunters should be allowed to use sling bows to hunt deer? 

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Illinois Hunter Sues DNR Over Big Game Slingbow [VIDEO]