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Illinois Firefighter is Also Professional Carp Hunter [VIDEO]

Nate Wallick moved to central Illinois to be a firefighter. Then he saw Asian carp jumping out of the Illinois River.

Wallick likes to bow fish, and he came up with a unique idea: Peoria Carp Hunters.

When Wallick saw the amount of invasive species he decided to start something fun for himself and others who enjoy bowfishing for the jumping carp found in Illinois’ lakes.

It seems that Wallick’s idea is working. He takes clients out several times a week during the season.

Asian carp are an aggressive species that are spreading fast and outcompete native fish species for food and habitat.

With his special boat, Carpocalypse, and bowfishing equipment, Wallick has found a way to turn a profit and make use of an invasive species.

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Illinois Firefighter is Also Professional Carp Hunter [VIDEO]