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Illinois DNR Actively Investigating the Poaching of This Ridiculously Large Main Frame 8-Point

Prepare to be frustrated. A deer like this is a buck of a lifetime, and it pains us to see it was taken illegally. 

Monster whitetails drive us crazy! In our dreams, in our preparations, and on our hunts. We spend countless hours chasing after deer just like the one in this article. A mega giant that had it all.  Tine length, mass, and character… simply put; a buck of a lifetime.

And when you catch news of someone poaching such a majestic animal, it is down right frustrating and can irritate you to no end. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police Facebook page they are investigating a poaching case of which allegedly a man unlawfully harvested this insanely large whitetail buck. The buck was supposedly poached in the Coffeen area of Montgomery County, Illinois.

Below is a screenshot of one local citizen of the area breaking down the story as they knew it. We are not entirely sure of the truthfulness on their story but it gives you an idea of what we are dealing with. The names have been blocked out for privacy concerns.


And as expected, many others are upset to see this just as you probably are and the Facebook post by the IDNR shows. Over 778 shares of people expressing anger similar to the post above.

Now don’t worry, the man is not getting off easy. The poacher was cited by the conservation officers for unlawful taking of a whitetail deer, unlawful possession of a whitetail deer, no valid deer permit, failure to tag deer immediately upon kill, failure to check in deer by 10pm same day as kill, and wanton waste of deer meat.

Unfortunately, the prized antlers are still no where to be found though. They shouldn’t be hard to see though because of the outstanding mass and size.


Anyone with information on this case or with knowledge of the whereabouts of the antlers is encouraged to contact CPO Matt Lentz at 217-313-8404. If so desired, a person can make arrangements with CPO Lentz to turn in the antlers anonymously.

It is rather unfortunate to see a buck of this caliber go down in this fashion. Poaching is a terrible thing, and hopefully the CPO’s can continue to get the people that are doing these crimes and teach them a lesson.

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Illinois DNR Actively Investigating the Poaching of This Ridiculously Large Main Frame 8-Point