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Illinois Conservation Officer Saves Locked Buck in Muddy Mess [VIDEO]

This locked buck found himself in quite the mess, but luckily he gets some assistance.

A conservation officer in Illinois, wielding a limb lopper, comes in to save this buck from the same fate that his opponent had already met.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.


Whitetail bucks are so territorial that they will stop at nothing to prove who’s boss. A fight to the death is extremely common for two bucks that get their antlers tangled and locked together. More often than not, no one is around to come in and save either of the two bucks, but from time to time people witness one of these deadly fights and make a call to someone like this conservation officer. In this case, they managed to save one buck from death.

Sawing the antlers off may seem pretty brutal, but it’s nothing compared to an agonizing, slow death, and they will always grow another set of antlers the next year.

If you ever come across such an intense fight, making a phone call to your local wildlife conservation office would be a very appropriate thing to do. Any outdoorsman would step in to help the same way this officer did, but if that is not something you are comfortable doing, please make the call.

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Illinois Conservation Officer Saves Locked Buck in Muddy Mess [VIDEO]