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Illinois Asks for Deer Samples for CWD Testing

Travis Smola

Illinois DNR asking for hunter help in combating CWD.

If you’re a hunter in Illinois, the state wants to test your deer for chronic wasting disease.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is currently taking samples from entire deer or deer heads through January 17 as the state attempts to fight the deadly neurological disease known as chronic wasting disease or CWD, CBS St. Louis reports.

Hunters can visit the DNR’s website to find a list of locations to take their harvested deer if they wish to help. In an additional bit of help, addresses and hours for the locations are listed.

CWD has been in the headlines throughout the Midwest this hunting season as two cases of the disease in captive deer herds in Wisconsin raised concerns about the health of the herd. One of those discoveries led to the euthanization of 228 animals. In Michigan, concerned wildlife officials have confiscated deer illegally imported over state lines without proper precautions against the disease.


Texas and Wyoming are two other states where the disease has caused concern among deer hunters and wildlife officials this year.

Unfortunately, things haven’t been much better for Illinois. The Illinois DNR’s website reports 71 cases of CWD in the state so far this year, helping contribute to a total of over 500 cases in the last 12 years. While health officials say the disease does not affect humans, they still recommend not eating an infected animal.

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Illinois Asks for Deer Samples for CWD Testing