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Illegal Hunting in Maryland Leads to Arrest and Several Citations

illegal hunting
Maryland DNR

Illegally hunting and shooting a deer with a gun, then telling a Maryland police officer you shot it with a bow and arrow, is not a smart move.

That's exactly what happened to two men from Maryland, according to Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

A hunter in Carroll County, Maryland recently shot not one, but two whitetail deer using a gun during the bow-only season. According to the report from Maryland DNR, police spotted the deer carcasses in the back of the man's vehicle and stopped for a routine check.

Initially, the man told the officer that he and his father had shot the deer with a bow and arrow. Upon further examination, the officer noticed each of the holes had been made by a bullet, not an arrow. The officer asked the hunters for an explanation, and one admitted to having shot both deer with a rifle.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was contacted, and the deer carcasses were confiscated. DNR also confiscated the gun and charged the hunter with illegally killing the deer. Police told WJLA that they issued two citations for "hunting in a closed season and gave seven written warnings for failure to field tag and report his kill."

Unfortunately, illegal hunting occurs daily and as hunters, we need to be sure to follow the laws and regulations dedicated for us. Many states have several regulations that vary and sometimes, honest mistakes can happen. Although this situation was intentional, it's important to know your local regulations to prevent yourself from illegal hunting.

Both of the deer killed were donated to Farmers and Hunters Feeding The Hungry.

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Illegal Hunting in Maryland Leads to Arrest and Several Citations