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Illegal Fishing Soon to be Identified From Space


Plans to map illegal fishing using satellite technology have been disclosed to public.

Recently it was announced that Google and Space Quest intend to collaborate on a project regarding identification of industrial scale illegal fishing. Led and developed by Oceana and Sky Truth, respectively, the project will utilize existing global surveillance systems to monitor the activity of large fishing vessels.

The current technological advancements of ships and illegal fishing practices have led to over harvested fisheries, and it is estimated that 75% of fisheries are at their respective sustainable limits. The goal of this project is to curb the amount of illegal fishing which goes unreported.

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Jackie Savitz, Oceana’s VP for U.S. oceans, told reporters, “We can see vessels that appear to be fishing in protected marine areas. Government officials often know about this activity but don’t do anything about it. We’ll use the tool to shine light on this activity and produce public pressure for officials to actually do their jobs.”

The project, dubbed Global Fishing Watch, is expected to become a public platform, allowing users to access its information from the Web.

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Illegal Fishing Soon to be Identified From Space