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Illegal Fishing Can Now Be Tracked From Space [VIDEO]


Trying to catch illegal fishing vessels in the ocean can be hard, but now, thanks to satellites, officials can watch the entire ocean from space.

Commercial fishing is a very competitive market that is quickly forcing fishermen to take more and more fish from the oceans. This increased competition is causing some fishermen to try to navigate into illegal waters to go after fish swimming in these protected areas.

With the ocean being so large, it is almost impossible to monitor these areas all at once. That is until now, as officials begin to use satellite tracking from space.

In an effort to show consumers the effects fishermen are having on ecosystems from heavy fishing, SkyTruth, Oceana, and Google teamed up to create a Google-Earth-style platform to track fishing vessels and when they are fishing the most.

In the process of creating the Global Fishing Watch, they discovered a revolutionary way to track fishing boats that headed into illegal areas with satellites from space.

Hopefully with this new platform officials can help protect more of the oceans’ resources and wake more people up to the problems we could be facing in the future if this kind of poaching continues.

As John Amos, President of SkyTruth, said in the video, “I think it’s important for people to realize, yeah the ocean is huge, but it’s not infinite.”

We need to remember that eventually we will bleed the ocean dry of her fish which will, in turn, start a ripple effect for all other animals that rely on the fish until there is nothing left.

Click on the link to check out Global Fishing Watch.

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Illegal Fishing Can Now Be Tracked From Space [VIDEO]