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App Of The Week: iHunt Journal

iHunt Journal is an essential app for the high-tech hunter. This all-inclusive program lets you plan and record multiple hunting seasons, all from a your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

iHunt Journal performs a wide range of functions, but it basically serves as a virtual database to record and retrieve any information related to your hunts. You can input multiple hunting locations, find weather information and solunar periods for those areas, mark species information, record kills, post pictures, and a whole lot more. Actually, there’s so much you can do with the app that it’s worth checking out this video created by the app’s developer Michael Kirchner.

iHunt Journal is really good for hunters who like to keep records and study their trips to plan for the future. The app has a sharing function that allows users to email their reports or upload via Dropbox. iHunt Journal also has an CMV extension that will take all your data and put it into a spreadsheet. That’s some serious record keeping.

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But wait, there’s more! If you really want to micromanage your hunts, iHunt journal has a finance extension that will help you keep track of your hunting expenses and venison sales (though selling personally-harvested venison is illegal in America, it’s legal in other parts of the world). Kirshner plans to update the app soon with an additional treestand safety checklist feature, which he says is essential for European hunters.

The downside? It’s $8.99 for Apple users, and you do have to spend more to get the extra features. Android users get a better deal with a starting price of $4.99. While iHunt Journal is one of the more expensive hunting apps on the market, it’s still one of the best. Keep in mind that you’re getting several apps rolled into one. Really, your getting a personal hunting secretary in your pocket.

For more information or to purchase iHunt Journal visit iTunes or the Google Play Store.

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App Of The Week: iHunt Journal