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IGFA All-Tackle World Record Red Drum Caught in Virginia

massive redfish

On Sept. 18, Vic Gaspeny wasn’t expecting a world record red drum, but he hooked the longest one ever recorded!

Vic Gaspeny was dunking cut bait in the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia when the massive redfish doubled his rod. After a 15-minute fight on 30-pound line, he boated the giant, measured it, and released it alive.

Gaspeny’s length world record red drum was 125 centimeters, beating the old mark of 117 centimeters.

In case you were wondering, 125 centimeters is just over 49 inches. The reason red drum length records are now becoming more common is that most states disallow keeping the larger, older fish. Virginia, for example, only allows anglers to keep red drum if they are between 18 and 26 inches.

The current IGFA record red drum by weight is a gargantuan 94-pounder caught in North Carolina in 1983. Amazingly, that fish measured almost 60 inches long!

Another interesting world record red drum tidbit: the current record for weight was caught on Nov. 7, 1983. The previous record was caught ten years earlier, on the same day, only 17 miles away! North Carolina has 10 of the top 16 red drum, making this Virginia giant even more of a surprise.

Congratulations to Mr. Gaspeny, and thanks for releasing that behemoth alive. Maybe it will grow and bite some other lucky angler’s offering!

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IGFA All-Tackle World Record Red Drum Caught in Virginia