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IGFA Drops State Record Program


Record keeping and conservation group drops state program due to lack of interest.

The International Game Fish Association, which maintains world records for both fresh and saltwater fish, has ended their state record program.

State records were established in 1999, with each state allotted records for five popular fish species. Each of those five species had line class, tippet class, and Junior Angler record categories. Depending on the species, there may have been 5-7 line and tippet classes available, so between 15 and 20 records were available in each state.

The IGFA reports that about 80% of those records remained vacant after 15 years.

There are still plenty of records for anglers to pursue. IGFA tracks catches on hundreds of species of fish, and in the last couple of years added all-tackle length records that don't require weighing, and female tippet class records for most of those.

And don't forget, you still have time to enter the IGFA's Best Catch of 2014 Contest for a chance to win some YETI gear.

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IGFA Drops State Record Program