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If You’re a Turkey Hunter, You Have to Take this Rise and Fly Challenge

turkey hunting

Turkey hunting is what it is today because of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Take their Rise and Fly Challenge to help the cause.

Cool spring mornings, dew on the grass, and the thunder of a big tom’s gobble a few hundred yards away is what turkey season is all about! If you love big birds strutting and everything that comes along with turkey season, you can give a big thanks to the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Shockingly enough, most who people hunt turkeys don’t belong to the NWTF. And that is a problem.

We are not long removed from a point of time when turkey hunting was not allowed and only 19 states had turkeys residing in them. Today there are turkey seasons in 49 states and the populations are booming.

In Wisconsin alone, more turkeys are harvested each spring than there once were in the entire United States. Think about that for a second.

The NWTF has done some great things, and it is time for us turkey hunters to help spread the word with the Rise and Fly Challenge. Join Steve Rinella in the movement!

If you are NWTF member, we are encouraging you to purchase a NWTF membership for a turkey hunter you know. In return, we hope they do the good deed for someone else and that ball rolling.

If you love turkey hunting, you owe the NWTF a debt of gratitude for their work. Let’s keep the sport of turkey hunting prospering and growing for generations to come.

You’ve been challenged…so Rise and Fly!

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If You’re a Turkey Hunter, You Have to Take this Rise and Fly Challenge