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If You See The Letter “A” on Some Arrow Fletchings, Here’s Why

arrows for addison

Her name is Addison and she is a lover of the sport of archery, yet at nine years old, she has terminal brain cancer.

It’s called DIPG, or Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, and it’s a highly aggressive and difficult-to-treat brain tumor. She, is a strong young girl by the name of Addison Adams, from Goddard, KS, who was diagnosed with DIPG in February 2016. DIPG is terminal, and since Addison’s diagnosis in February, she was given a life expectancy of nine months. 

arrows for addison

She loved to shoot archery and did it for a few years before suddenly stopping, according to her GoFundMe Page. Vision and strength issues caused by DIPG soon prevented Addison from being able to shoot. Friends and family describe her as an amazing girl who is always smiling. She has a spirit for life and for archery, according to her archery instructor, Christina Jones from Diamond Archery in Wichita, KS.

Facebook page has been created to show love and support for Addison as well as bring awareness for DIPG. There, you can be updated on Addison and how her and her family are overcoming this horrible disease.

I just found out this morning that Addison is now in a coma at home on bed rest. She can hear and comprehend what is going on around her at this time, but she is not mobile and cannot speak.

How You Can Help

Archers around the world are sending arrows in to Diamond Archery as well as putting the letter “A” on their arrows to show their love and support for Addison. To show your love and support, you also can put the letter “A” on your arrow, fletchings, bow or wherever you so choose. You can then upload it to social media using the hashtag #ArrowsForAddison.

You can also donate to the cause through their GoFundMe Page.

arrows for addison

Hunters and archers combined are a community brought together by common goals and love for the outdoors and the sport of archery. It is in our nature to help those in need as together we are all one big family. Share the love and the spirit of a nine-year-old girl who will forever be in our quivers, arrow rests and hearts.

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If You See The Letter “A” on Some Arrow Fletchings, Here’s Why