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The Jon Boat is the Only Boat You'll Ever Need, Here's Why

If you hunt and fish and you only can have one boat, consider a Jon boat as it will allow you to do both admirably.

If you hunt and fish and want just one watercraft that can tackle both your passions, consider a Jon boat. Its simple and tough design with a shallow draft will allow you to get into those tighter areas to get on prime fishing or into those less pressured hunting spots.

Have a look at the line of War Eagle Jon boats which are built for the outdoorsman who loves to fish and hunt.

I own a 16-foot Jon boat and use it for both waterfowling and fishing. With a good outboard, it works excellently in lakes, rivers and marsh. With its lightweight and all-welded aluminum design, I can haul it onto shore or move it around in the water while wading to those prime duck blinds with ease.

For a true sportsman's watercraft consider a Jon: pair it with an outboard for fishing and in the fall, switch out for a mud motor. This will provide the ultimate in a water hunting and fishing machine for all your seasons on the lakes, rivers and marshes.


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The Jon Boat is the Only Boat You'll Ever Need, Here's Why