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If Freedom Had a Grand Finale, It Would Look Like This

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot Night

The Machine Gun Shoot event at Knob Creek Gun Range has more tracer rounds and explosions than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Held bi-annually, the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky hosts a three-day gun enthusiast competition and show. According to their website, the weekend event consists of “machine gun shooting, dealer displays, shooting competitions, and a spectacular Saturday Night Shoot.”

The video below shows a small clip of the Saturday Night Shoot. The objective of the shoot? Destroy everything down range. “Everything down range” consists of everything from barrels of fuel to abandoned vehicles and used appliances with pyrotechnics attached to them.

Their website states they paint the pyrotechnics orange so the shooters can be sure to see it’s location. If you like machine guns and explosions, the video below is a must see for you.

So I’m familiar with Knob Creek as it plays a very important part in one of my favorite Manhattan recipes, but who knew that this part of Kentucky had more to offer than great bourbon whiskey.

If I am so lucky to make my way out to Kentucky in near future, this is one event I will be sure to catch as I’m sure the video doesn’t do it any justice.



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If Freedom Had a Grand Finale, It Would Look Like This