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Ideal Conditions Lead to Banner Year for Wildlife [VIDEO]

The last year for wildlife was better than expected; check out the findings in this video.

Most of the country was effected by the rains that seemed to never end this growing season.

Many of us were disrupted in some manner with the floods that resulted as well, that actually resulted in one of the best years for wildlife across the board.

The mild winter combined with early and often spring rains made more than ideal conditions for all kinds of wildlife. Years like this are important for the numbers of our wildlife and they have an opportunity to bounce back from past harsh winters.

Quail, which are game birds struggling from habitat loss, have even seen more than one clutch of young in this summer.

It has also been noted that antler growth for deer across the states is better than average as one would expect with these great conditions.

It’s great to see how our wildlife can thrive and take advantage of these things, and to grow in spite of the struggles humans force upon them.

Have you noticed a difference in wildlife numbers this season?

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Ideal Conditions Lead to Banner Year for Wildlife [VIDEO]