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The Idea is to Launch Your Boat, Not the Truck [VIDEO]

This guy thought he'd go out to the lake for day of fun in the sun. Then this happened...

These videos pop up every so often on social media. In addition to dealing with the aftermath of a costly mistake, the boaters usually get hammered by commenters.

See for yourself exactly how not to launch your boat.

If you want to avoid being ridiculed publicly for such a boneheaded error, remember one tip: launch your boat, not the truck.

It's initially impressive to see a totally submerged vehicle come out of the water. Then you realize it's being towed out. I'm sure the guy appreciated the round of cheers from the peanut gallery as he opened the door and all that water spilled out.

Unfortunately, it was his work vehicle.

I'm willing to bet this incident didn't go over very well with the boss. I don't think this guy is going to have to worry about showing up for work on Monday.

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The Idea is to Launch Your Boat, Not the Truck [VIDEO]