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Idaho Town Advertises They Have No Gun-Free Zones [VIDEO]

Facebook/National Association For Gun Rights

A small town in Idaho leaves no room for questions with new city signage advertising that there are no ‘gun-free zones’ within city limits. 

Greenleaf, Idaho found a new way to advertise to visitors that guns are welcome in the city. City leaders and local businesses pulled together and have donated five street signs that clearly state that this city is not one to be messed with.

Most gun owners know and understand that a gun-free zone isn’t anything more than a saying to instill a false sense of hope and security in the general public.

However, getting government officials and City Council to agree is what is usually impossible. Unless you’re in Idaho, of course.

Facebook/National Association For Gun Rights

“Myself, as a city councilman, and apparently the rest of the City Council agrees that gun-free zones are targets,” said City Councilman Steven Jett. “If you look at the shootings that have happened, they are gun-free zones. Schools, malls and recently churches. I want people to know that this is not a gun-free zone, and we are not a target.”

The bottom of the sign cites city code 5-6-2:B, which was a citywide ordinance passed in 2006 asking each household to acquire a gun and seek proper firearm training.

Since the city does not have its own police force, the sign also cites the Idaho Constitution, which states the the mayor of any city may call upon anyone to enforce the law if needed.

“We also cited that the Idaho Constitution states that the mayor of any city may call up anybody to enforce the law if they have to,” Jett said.

At this time, all signs have been donated and have not cost the city any money. Before installing the signs, City Council is waiting on final approval from the Idaho Transportation Department.

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Idaho Town Advertises They Have No Gun-Free Zones [VIDEO]