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Idaho Sturgeon Record Broken by Fitness Personality Natalie Hodson

Another catch and release Idaho sturgeon record is in the books!

Chances are you have heard of Natalie Hodson. If not, you have probably seen her pictures, tried her recipes, or even seen her on TV. However, now you are about to see her in the fishing records books. Just recently, this fitness personality caught the new Idaho sturgeon record for catch and release. To top it off, she did it in a big way.

As we all know, it's not everyday that you catch a record-breaking fish. It's especially not everyday that you catch a record breaking fish on video. That couldn't be more the case as Hodson did just that as she was fishing with Killgore Adventures in Hells Canyon on a recent fishing trip.

What an incredible fish! Idaho just recently created the catch and release category for white sturgeon and this record has already been broken a few times. However, we all have a feeling that this nine foot, four inch new record breaker might stand for a little longer than most.

After all that Hodson has accomplished in being a model, track star, author, online personality, television personality, mother, and fitness coach, she can now add Idaho sturgeon record holder to the list.

Congrats Natalie! What an amazing fish!


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Idaho Sturgeon Record Broken by Fitness Personality Natalie Hodson