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Idaho Released Their Trout Stocking Schedule


Looking for a place to catch some trout? Try Idaho.

This May, Idaho Fish and Game hatchery employees have been releasing catchable-sized rainbow trout into waters across the state.

“Fishing will be great this spring, so take the kids out and make some lasting memories together,” says Bob Becker, manager of the Nampa Fish Hatchery.

Over 145,000 of the rainbow trout are being stocked in more than 65 bodies of water across Idaho. The waters include rivers and streams, ponds, and even rehabilitated gravel pits.

Anglers who do head to Idaho to fish for trout should review the current rules brochure for the specific waters they’re going to fish. They also need to have a fishing license.

Annual licenses are available for residents, and daily licenses are available.

Children under 13 do not need a license.

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Idaho Released Their Trout Stocking Schedule