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Idaho Poachers Hit with $100K Fines and Jail

Idaho Fish and Game started a deer spotlighting investigation that ended up revealing a poaching spree.

Adam R. Harris and Brandon C. Harris were each charged as a result of the investigation that uncovered their three-month poaching spree. They are accused of killing at least eight deer, one elk, and one moose.

The case against the Harris’ was heard by District Judge Dane Watkins Jr. Adam Harris received a two to five year sentence along with a $500 fine for each count, a permanent revocation of hunting rights, and a $14,680 special assessment. Adam Harris unlawfully killed or possessed at least five deer, plus an elk, and a moose. In a plea agreement, he plead to two felonies.

Brandon Harris was also sentenced to two to five years, but with credit for time served was allowed to be placed on parole. Brandon Harris unlawfully killed or possessed at least one elk, one moose, and eight deer. He was also ordered to pay $200 in fines for each count, a special assessment of $104,250, and a lifetime revocation of hunting privileges.

The case initially started in 2011 when Sheriff’s deputy saw someone spotlighting from a vehicle. The deputy chased the vehicle but it became stuck in the snow and the occupants ran.

Conservation officers from Idaho Fish and Game, the Idaho Bureau of Probation and Parole, and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office cooperated in the investigation. The investigation also revealed that the Harris’ also wounded several other animals that were not recovered.

In a separate case in Idaho, a father and son received jail time and fines for illegally shooting a four-point mule deer with a rifle during the archery season. David Howell, 53, and Adam Howell, 29, paid fines and penalties of more than $1,400. David Howell received a 10-year hunting license revocation, two years probation, forfeited the rifle used in the crime, and served five days in jail. Adam Howell received a three-year hunting ban, two days in jail, and two years probation.

Idaho Conservation Officers are busy protecting wildlife resources and judges are tough on Idaho poachers.

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Idaho Poachers Hit with $100K Fines and Jail