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Idaho Poacher Reaches Plea Deal in High-Profile Case


Idaho poacher reaches plea deal in high-profile poaching case.

A man who poached a well-known buck in Twin Falls, Idaho has reached a plea deal in the case.

Twin Falls resident, 34-year-old Jacob Pool pled guilty to killing or wasting a mule deer out of season, a felony offense. He also pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of destructing or concealing evidence the Magic Valley Times News reported.

Pool will be sentenced in December, but the Magic Valley Times News reports the State is seeking a 90-day jail sentence, probation and a lifetime suspension of Pool’s hunting license. They are also looking to fine Pool $3,189.

The buck Pool poached was frequently photographed and seen in an area known as Rock Creek Canyon. When news of its death broke, it sparked outrage among locals. Some of whom offered up huge rewards for information leading to an arrest.

Pool said he shot the buck because he wasn’t working at the time and needed food. Once he realized the buck he had killed was a local celebrity, Pool panicked and attempted to destroy the evidence.

“I put it all into bags and went and threw it away in the spot I thought it wouldn’t be found,” Pool told District Judge Randy Stoker while entering his plea. “I freaked out. A buddy came over and showed me a newspaper article saying they’re treating this like a homicide.

“I hate myself for it because I respect animals a lot, I respect deer a lot. That was food for my family, I wish I would have continued packing the meat, put it in my freezer and ate it,” Pool said.

While the buck’s illegal demise is unfortunate, Idaho Fish and Game is thankful for the spotlight the high-profile case has shown on poaching.

“This is just one example of what goes on with some regularity,” Royse told reporters. “These animals are owned by the state of Idaho. Any animal that is illegally harvested is stolen from a lawful hunter. We work to investigate and prevent these things when we can, but we need the help of the public.”

Image via Magic Valley Times News.

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Idaho Poacher Reaches Plea Deal in High-Profile Case