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Idaho OKs Year-Round Wolf Hunting on Private Property

Last week, Idaho decided to allow wolf hunting on private property in the state’s northern Clearwater region.

With the addition of the Clearwater region, Idaho hunters can now kill wolves on most private property in the Idaho Panhandle, which extends from the Canadian border to the Snake river.

The Associated Press reports state wildlife officials believe wolf hunting on private property will allow northern residents to better protect their property.

“It gives them an opportunity to help themselves if that is what they need,” said Dave Cadwallader, supervisor of the Idaho Fish and Wildlife’s Clearwater office. “In the end, I don’t think you are going to see an active hunting effort.”

Idaho’s decision to allow year-round wolf hunting in the Panhandle has not resulted in high numbers of wolf kills. Wolves are difficult to hunt, and many of them live in regions of the state that are difficult for hunters and trappers to reach in winter time.

Idaho has also moved its wolf trapping season from Nov. 15 through Oct. 10. in some Idaho hunting units.

“A lot of trappers have told us some of the areas we are trying to focus on are extremely difficult to get to in November when the season opens up,” Cadwallader told the AP. “This just facilitates some of that.”

What do you think about year-round wolf hunting? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Idaho OKs Year-Round Wolf Hunting on Private Property