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Idaho Family Makes Game Bags for Backcountry Hunting

The Billings Gazette

An Idaho family’s passion for elk hunting becomes a business with their creation of backcountry hunting packs.

Chris Peterson, a hunter from Middleton, Idaho, hated packing out his kill during his backcountry hunting trips, especially if it took several trips to do so. One day in 2000 while sitting around the campfire, he had a great idea.

“I used to help the neighbor deliver newspapers. And I was always amazed that on Sundays he would have that pack so loaded that I was surprised he could ride a bike.” Peterson said.

After talking with his wife, Adrienne, about the idea and the creation of a prototype made of Corder fabric, he was gaining some attention in the field. Shortly thereafter, the company Pack Out Bags was created.

Since then, it’s become a family business as their son Chris Jr. has been the face of the products on the web. Chris Jr. told reporters, “Even if we don’t get rich off of it, it’s fun anyway.”

Price is a key factor in Pack Out Bags products, as Chris Peterson realizes that “hunting is so expensive anyway. We shopped around to find the lowest-priced materials we could.” A sentiment like this is spoken like a true hunter, which guarantees the quality of the game you’re purchasing.

According to the Billings Gazette, these bags cost $89.95 come in both camouflage and fluorescent orange. The bags are cut and sewn in Idaho.


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Idaho Family Makes Game Bags for Backcountry Hunting