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Idaho Bull Elk Poaching Ring Busted; Hard Time Pending for Convictions

Idaho bull elk

Seven Idaho residents are facing 35 felonies for poaching multiple elk and one mule deer in 2015. 

This time, it seems the punishment is going to fit the crime. As the investigation into the remains of an Idaho bull elk unfolded back in 2015, four more elk were discovered. By the time the wildlife officers were finished, a mule deer was found and seven Idaho residents were charged.

Per Idaho conservation laws, each wildlife felony can result in up to five years of hard time as well as a $50,000 fine. On top of all that, each person is also facing a lifetime hunting and fishing ban in the state. When it comes to poaching Idaho bull elk and deer, Idaho doesn't play around.

Three defendants have already been named, charged, and thrown in jail for this case. Shannan Norris and Casey Dutton are both from Caldwell, Idaho. Another named defendant, Adam Norris, is from Nampa, Idaho.

Other defendants in the case include Bob Norris, Trey Painter, and Chad Painter, all from Caldwell. The last person, Roger Brutsman, is from Wilder, Idaho.

For a full listing of the crimes, names, ages, and more pictures of the criminals, see the original report here.

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Idaho Bull Elk Poaching Ring Busted; Hard Time Pending for Convictions