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Idaho Bear Gnaws on Hunter’s Head

A hunter wakes up to a bear gnawing on his head in Idaho. 

According to a news release from Idaho Fish and Game, a hunter was attacked by a black bear in camp during a sheep hunting trip. Stephen Vouch, 29 years of age, had made camp along with two hunting buddies in Unit 27 of Idaho’s backcountry.

The group from Boise were camping along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the Frank Church River-of-no-Return Wilderness when the attack occurred.

On October 2, Vouch was woken by the bear at 2:00 a.m. when it tugged on his hair and lacerated his head. His yelling spooked the bear temporarily, giving one of the other members time to shoot the bear with a .45 caliber handgun. The bear was wounded and retreated to a tree close by, where Vouch shot and killed the black bear.

After dressing the wounds as best as possible, the group rafted downriver and flew out of the wilderness area on the 4th. On Monday, Vouch was treated and released from St. Luke’s Clinic-Family Medicine for lacerations to his head.

The hunters brought the bear out with them and turned it over to Fish and Game officials. Examinations found the bear to be healthy.

It’s doubtful the bear had ever encountered humans in anyway being that far in the backcountry. While it sounded innocent and like a young curious bear rather than an attack to kill, it’s hard to blame the scared and scarred hunters for doing what they had to do.

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Idaho Bear Gnaws on Hunter’s Head