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Ice Fishing Without the Ice: Inside the Holey Boat [VIDEO]

Introducing the Holey Boat – for those who want to ice fish without the ice.

For some dedicated fishermen, winter can’t come soon enough. Legendary Mr. Ice Fishing himself, Dave Genz, wanted to re-create the ice fishing experience for the warmer months using his new boat, coined the Holey Boat.

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The Holey Boat has two eight-inch holes rising from the floor that simulate an ice fishing hole, hence the name. How often do people wish they could get the ice fishing experience without having to freeze their butts off? Often! This boat is a step in that direction. In the comfort of a 75-degree, sunny day, you can watch fish on the Vexilar and pull a couple through the hole if you’re lucky.

Dave Genz can claim many accomplishments in the world of ice fishing, but this boat is a very unique addition. The holes themselves don’t take up much room at all, and the folks on your boat could be fishing out of the hole as well as off the sides simultaneously. This would be a great addition to add to your summer fishing arsenal. If you really enjoy hard water fishing, this boat can also serve as a crude scouting tool for winter.

Plus there are two huge upsides to the Holey Boat design – no augers involved, and your hole is guaranteed to never freeze over!

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Ice Fishing Without the Ice: Inside the Holey Boat [VIDEO]