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Ice Fishing Wish List

In Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and the rest of the states surrounding the Great Lakes, the hunting and fishing culture never abates. In these areas, die-hard outdoorsmen and women move from spring and summer fishing to fall hunting without missing a beat. But even once the temperatures drop into bitter cold territory and the hunting season dries up, no one here is going into hibernation. The Great Lakes and the many small ponds, rivers, streams, and other bodies of water that pepper the states surrounding them, provide ample territory for high-quality ice fishing every year.

If you are a Great Lakes region resident and are looking for the perfect gift for the hunting and fishing enthusiast in your life, why buy them something they can’t use until the spring or the fall? Instead, celebrate the holiday season with a few items that can be used right away for the pursuit of Great Lakes ice fishing.

Ice fishing rods: Often the hardest thing about choosing ice fishing gear is picking the best rod on the market. Different fishermen will have different preferences on fishing rods, but some of our favorites include St. Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods, Clam Mackinaw Baitcast Rods, and the Abu Garcia Veritas Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. These rods (or in the latter’s case, rod and reel combos) provide different features and prices, from blanks meant to reduce angler fatigue to high-tech strike indicator systems. Take a look at each and decide which best fits the ice fisherman or woman on your list.

icefish - abuPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Clam Warrior Ice Shelter: The Clam Corporation produces a wide range of ice fishing shelters for ice fishing anglers with varied levels of dedication to the sport. A hobbyist who only hits the pond a few times a winter might be able to get away with something a bit less intense – the $200 Vista shelter, for instance. But if your angler is outdoors every weekend for hours at a time, even in snowstorms and other serious conditions, the durable and cozy “Warrior” shelter – and its $529 price tag – can practically be written off as a safety expense. The shelter can house two persons and features a comfortable bench, plentiful storage, and great wind protection.

icefish - clamPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Frabill Great Lakes Tip-Up: You can hardly argue with a product named after the lakes your loved one will be fishing on. For $32, this durable and reliable tip-up is a bargain, with a reflective flag for visibility and a high-quality aluminum spool for catching fish.

icefish-frabillPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

ION Electric Ice Auger: All of the ice fishing gear in the world is useless if you can’t drill a proper hole in the ice. The ION electric ice auger is perfect for the job, with a highly visible lime green design and an extendable auger that can reach 48 inches in length. Best of all, this auger uses a lithium ion battery that can reportedly drill “up to 40 holes through two feet of ice” on a single charge. The price is a bit steep at around $500, but the energy efficiency and convenience of the device make it worth it.

icefish-electricPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Clam Ice Armor Jig Box: Clam is one of our favorite ice fishing brands, and this $17 jig box proves why. The box is two sided, making it easy to store all of your jigs in a convenient and compact space. Leave the tackle box at home and throw this in a backpack to cut back on the bulk of your trip.

icefish - clam ice armorPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Ice Fishing Wish List